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“As you abound & are at the front in everything – in faith, in expressing yourselves, in knowledge, in all zeal, & in your love for us – see to it that you come to the front now – and abound in the gracious act of giving.”
    2 Corinthians 8:7

At New Life Church you can give in many ways:


Give Now

In Person

You will have an opportunity to give during our Worship Gatherings.


You can text to give by texting an amount to: 84321

or use the Church Center App available on all devices.

By Mail

You may mail in your tithes or offering to the church office:
New Life Church
P.O. Box 11535
Jackson, TN 38308

Generosity is much more than a willingness to give of our finances. Generosity is a mindset, an attitude, and a lifestyle. It releases God’s provision and blessing in our life and impacts the lives of others.  Generosity is not as much about how much money we have, it’s about our heart’s attitude toward it.  When we choose to be generous in every thought, word, and deed and begin to sow this into the lives of others, we are sure to reap the benefits in our lives, as well as see others blessed and generosity reproduced in their lives.