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New Life Kids


Kids ministry is family ministry. Check out the activities below for the opportunity to make some fun new memories together growing in God. 



Doodle Bop

Supplies Needed: Paper, Pencil, Timer 

How to play: Set a 30 sec. timer & have the first person start drawing anything they want to on the paper. Once the timer is up you reset it and allow the next person to draw something. They can add to what has already been drawn or draw something of their own. It must at least connect to the other family members drawing. Once the timer is up continue on to the next person. Do this for a couple of rounds. Once everyone has drawn twice, take a look at your family masterpiece. 


Memory Games (Preschool & Up): 

Memory Games Link



Preschool - Ohana 


Elementary - Ohana


Preschool - Love Each Other


Elementary - Big House 




Family Resources

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