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May 2020 NLC eNewsletter

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Hey New Life Church! We hope you are all doing well. This brief newsletter will help keep you up to date with everything happening at NLC. It's like a digital bulletin with a little extra! 


Dear New Life Church,

I miss you!  I miss preaching to you in person.  I miss praying for you in person.  I miss your encouragements.  I miss having all of us together in one place every Sunday.  What we have had to do over these last 6 weeks is not normal.  We have made the most of it and tried to do our best to engage and stay connected.  Honestly, it is not the way it is supposed to be.  However, it is what it is and here we are looking at the future. 

When will we get to “reopen” church to have services again in person?  As of today, I cannot give an exact date.  I can tell you that we will not stop having church no matter what!  We are going to give it 2 more weeks and reevaluate with hopefully a more definitive time frame.  As I’ve communicated before, we are part of a Pastoral Council to the Mayor for recommendations from churches as to the details of churches reopening again in Madison County.  I wish it were just as easy to flip a switch, but it is more complicated. 

Before we choose to land on a reopening date for our church, we want to do due diligence in hearing from you.  We’ve put together a survey that will take no more than 2 minutes to answer, use the link below this letter.  Please take the time to answer this survey as quickly as possible.  In decision making for the church, I have to weigh out a lot of things and have peace from God on moving forward.  Your survey answers will assist in this process.  Thank you for doing this survey!

Being together again in person every week in worship is top priority.  I want us to do everything we can to make this happen very soon.  Once we make a decision on returning to in person church services, we will communicate any precautionary measures we may have in place.  I know this is not for everyone as not everyone shares the same feelings.  However, as part of a faith family, we have to consider others before our selves.  This is the Christ-like way to think and act.  We will do what we can and what is necessary to ensure everyone’s health, safety, and spiritual well-being are considered.  For just a bit longer we will continue with Church at Home.  Please stay connected.  We have come this far, let’s keep pressing ahead in faith.

Missing you,

Jereme Smith                                                                           Senior Pastor                                                                             New Life Church of Jackson

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